Who Am I

March 14, 2013 Chavon Green


I am Chavon Green I am 100% me, always my genuine, authentic self. I am going to start by saying my life isn’t perfect, but I am perfectly happy living life!


I was born and raised in the suburbs of, IL; I am a mother of three amazing boys who inspire me to be the best me.


I lost my mother at an early age and my father was not in my life, this resulted in a lot of pain. Not just the grief of my loss, but inflicting pain on my body by not eating right or exercising, putting myself through pain financially by over spending and creating a bunch of unnecessary debt, getting into and staying in painful relationships even when I knew they weren’t beneficial to me at the time.
These are some of my experiences, which at a time in my life only served to confirm my programmed personality to survive the only way I was programmed to do so


Most people live by the saying “experience is the best teacher”, not necessarily or “Life is the best teacher” if you open up to it.


My true learning occurred when I stepped beyond my personality and discovered AWARENESS of my experiences that were causing suffering, tragedies, financial difficulties, and inadequate relationships.


Discovering this awareness of my experiences has given me the wisdom that enables me to coach and inspire an inner growth in you, to become aware, and tap into your D.I.V.A. Within


My goal is to help you live your life perfectly happy by giving you all the tools to be your true, authentic self, and bring out your D.I.V.A. Within.


When you tap into your D.I.V.A. Within you start to use your mind to create the reality that you desire. You overcome the fear of the unknown that is holding you back and keeping your from being truly happy!


Author of the life changing book ~ coming soon!


“Secrets of a D.I.V.A.”


Become so attractive, that you will start to attract everything your heart has ever desired.


Motivational Speaker


Masters of Life Degree (Taking Responsibility, Decision Making, Experiences, Awareness, True Happiness, and Making Desires a Reality)



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