January 15, 2014 Chavon Green


It has been my pleasure to be connected with Chavon. She is an awesome light worker and the way that she is committed to her path and the work that she does is inspiring. I have seen her growth and feel that her personal experiences and triumphs are a great asset when working with her clients. Working with Chavon you are guaranteed a dynamic experience.

Iccha Devi Ra, Head Chef and CEO at The Reluctant Vegetarian iccharesized


Seeing Chavon changed my entire world in a matter of 30 minutes. I swear, as soon as I left her my spirit felt so good and uplifted. I immediately changed my attitude and the words that I spoke, and the very next day after I shifted my thoughts I got hired on the spot at a fitness club and my email inbox was full with meal plan request. Ever since that day with Chavon, so many great things have changed in my life within a matter of a week. I can’t thank her enough for the advice she gave me. I’m so glad that she is helping others around the world to ‘Shift” their thinking and start living a better life. If you are looking for a serious change in your life,Chavon is most definitely the one to run too. It will be one of the best decisions anyone can make!

Mary Parr, a Certified Wellness and Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer Head shot picmaryresized


Every time I talk to Chavon she reveals yet another way she has improved, upgraded, or even elevated her own life with the soul purpose of helping others do the same with theirs. I admire the positive perspective she maintains as she maneuvers through adversity so confidently. I am amazed at the way this Incredible Woman can recognize the most beneficial solution to a circumstance, only to then put into Action.. Chavon is a rare breed who truly cares for others. Unique and outstanding in the authenticity of her character. Chavon is an inspiration to me and an example of the type of person I myself would like to be. -SM, Jefferson City, MO


Having called Chavon a personal friend for more than 20 years I can easily endorse her as a woman of character and integrity. I’ve had first-hand experience with her approach to life coaching and the caring nature in which she provides no nonsense yet heartfelt tips, tools and programs designed to help her clients improve their lives. What I love most about Chavon is that she incorporates the many hardships she has encountered and overcome in her coaching which lets her clients know she truly understands where they are and what they need to do to get to where they want to be.  -

Summer Alexander, CEO, Summer Alexander Research, Inc.  summerresized