Open Your Heart and Let Love In Program

March 25, 2013 Chavon Green


Lesson 1
Loving YOU so he can too

This lesson will guide you step by step to increase your confidence and self-esteem so you can attract the man that will love you for loving yourself and bring out your true D.I.V.A. qualities within

Recognize the power you have being a woman

Identify the negative thought patterns that lower your self confidence

Learn how to consistently love yourself

Recognize your value

Identify your D.I.V.A. qualities

Unlock your heart and open it to attract true lasting love


Lesson 2
Acknowledge the red flags and move on

This lesson will give you examples of the feelings you get that are indications of red flags and why you should move on before you get in too deep. Time is precious and you don’t have any to waste, time to weed out the wrong man and make room for the right one.
Identify with your feelings

Learn to recognize the red flags

Learn how to recognize your intuition and listen to it

Get the courage to walk away, before you are in too deep


Lesson 3
Why you keep attracting the same type of guy, and how it can change;

This lesson will show you how you are responsible for the type of men you attract. Guide you step by step on how to take responsibility and change this pattern for good.

Identify the patterns within that are holding you back

Identify why you keep attracting the same type of guy

Experience healing to release the old patterns

Discover the characteristics about yourself that need improvement

Prepare yourself to attract the man and love you deserve

Finally end the toxic relationships for good



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